Georgia Bosson | @georgiabosson

Designer Georgia Bosson studied Embroidery at Manchester University. In 2013 she set up the Georgia Bosson studio in Bermondsey where she started to experiment with overlapping repetitive pattern and quickly developed her own signature style characterised by the geometric designs in the current collection.

In Georgia’s work the fundamental process of mark making is an integral part of the design. The clever overlay of marks, lines and circles propels her work into a myriad of different forms, from the repeated dots and dashes in her prints to the layered circles and crosses of her quilts.

The inspiration for her collection starts with an armful of sketch- books where she records the world around her. Seemingly mundane objects such as Lichen on a rock can be the inspiration for an entire collection’s colour palette.

All Georgia Bosson’s products are made in Britain. They are made from the highest quality European linen that requires fewer pesticides and less water than cotton. Where possible, organic fabric is used. Georgia supports various social enterprises located near her studio. Her napkins, tablecloths and cushions are stitched at Making for Change at Downview Prison and she has also worked with FabricWorks at Limehouse.